Michelle Morrison Leadership Clinton Class of 2014

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My favorite thing about Spring is seeing the return of a familiar face. A female ruby-throated hummingbird. Although her markings are nearly indistinguishable from other females, she’s as vocal as she is beautiful. Making the name Gabby a suitable choice for her.

Gabby’s presence was known right a way this year. Hovering close to me and chattering, as if saying “I’m home, now feed me”. I tended the feeder and after her belly was full, she perched in a limb next to me. I like to think that she had missed me and wanted to tell me about her trip, because her chattering resumed.

Back in 2013, Gabby’s bravery and curiosity inspired me to learn more about her. I was amazed by the journey she had undertaken. This little bird had flown to Central America and possibly crossed the Gulf of Mexico several times. Her story got me thinking about my own life. Unlike Gabby, I wasn’t sure where I was headed.

When I was asked if I’d be interested in Clinton County Leadership Class, I jumped at the chance. I immediately realized that the program was helping me. As the Mayor of Port William, I am frequently asked questions that pertain to the county. Now I can better answer those question or direct residents to proper person. I am also able to recommend more areas of assistance to those who are struggling with the health, metal illness, employment, and family issues.

I do not know what the future holds for me, but I now feel confident that public service will always play a role in my life. Maybe, Gabby was trying to tell me this all along.

Enjoy your spring,

Michelle Morrison
Leadership Clinton Class of 2014