Tanya Snarr Leadership Clinton Class of 2013

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A class project for the CCLI Class of 2013. Well, what shall we do? With my paralegal background (degree in Government with an emphasis in Paralegal Studies, and a degree in English communication with an emphasis in Legal Research & Writing), and my “mom” background (stay-at-home mom for 11 years), it was not unusual for me to want to incorporate children and law. Following our CCLI Law Day and a trip to Judge Gano’s chambers, I was determined to initiate a project that would save the youth of our community. The possibilities seemed endless.
Classmate Buck Minyo had a different project in mind...Junior Achievement (JA). While I made efforts to stand my ground on incorporating the law with this save the children effort, I realized that being a good leader also means being a good follower and team player. So, the ever persistent Buck Minyo won. We would pilot a JA program at Holmes Elementary in Wilmington. JA empowers young people to own their economic success by teaching them the economics of life.
Was I excited about this? No. Did I think it would change the outlook for the 3rd grade students we would meet in the classroom? No. Would I go along with it? Sure. Would I enjoy it? Sure. Did I realize what I was getting myself into? No. Was I pleasantly surprised with the outcome? ABSOLUTELY! We did, in fact, touch the lives of the students to whom we presented the program! Their excitement grew as we presented each new class. The knowledge they were gaining really stuck with them. After a successful pilot year and kudos from the managing teacher, the following year CCLI took on the JA project as one of their own. We expanded the program and are now in our third year of presenting JA in Wilmington City Schools, with hopes of expanding to all schools in the county within the next three years.
When I went through the CCLI program, I was the Executive Director at the Murphy Theatre. After making an incredibly tough decision to leave the theater, I was set on being very picky about my next endeavor. My biggest professional disappointment was leaving the theater just 8 months after being named the 2012 Civic Leader of the Year for my efforts while there. It was an honor I accepted with much gratitude to those who were so supportive of the work I was doing. I was determined to stay in Clinton County to continue sharing with those in my own community. I did not want to disappoint myself or others. CCLI instilled in me a heightened sense of community and a greater appreciation for the incredible leadership and opportunities of Clinton County.
In the spring of 2014, the President of Junior Achievement of OKI Partners, Inc. sent an email with a job posting for Education/Program Manager in the Dayton Office. I didn’t receive the email because I was a stand-out volunteer, or the coordinator of a new successful program in their district. I received it like everyone else did...because I was on a mailing list due to my volunteer efforts. Being intrigued by the posting, I applied, interview and made it to the top of the list of many candidates. I am now the Education/Program Manager for the Dayton office of Junior Achievement.
I am gracious to the JA organization for their commitment to family and professional growth. I am thankful for the spark within CCLI that encourages us all to be leaders and to see the outcome for that leadership in our personal and professional lives. I am thankful that my efforts at JA are carried over to my community and that I can continue to expand those programs close to home. And I’m thankful for opportunities discovered through learning good leadership, which includes knowing when to follow and just listen.

Tanya Snarr